This survey has now closed - many thanks to all participants for your time in responding to this call.

We know that there are highly skilled and experienced clinical research teams across the globe and we also know there is a significant need for investment in capacity if countries are to take part in more clinical trials and lead their own research. Therefore, here is a very important opportunity to influence this. The World Bank and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) have set up a task force to determine what clinical trial capacity exists where across the globe – and what gaps exist in order to make recommendations about how to address these.

This information is important because they need to plan ahead for trials of vaccines that will tackle future epidemics. This task force has asked The Global Health Network to help answer these key questions because the users of The Global Health Network are a strong and very large community of research staff who work in clinical research centres across the globe.

We are therefore undertaking a survey to capture information on where research sites exist, what their experience is and asking the research teams to suggest where investment in research capacity is needed.

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