Global Research in Autism and Neurodevelopment

Communication & Theatre

by GRAND Coordinator

Joanne Skapinker is an inclusive theatre practitioner who uses drama and theatre to create inclusive communities of young people. One aspect of her work is centres on how theatre can ...


Obstetric Fistula

a new, free online training course

Obstetric Fistula is an important cause of maternal morbidity in low-and middle-income countries where access to skilled birth attendants is limited This 4 module course addresses the epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis, classification and management of Obstetric Fistula based on ... Read more

Field Trials of Health Interventions: a Toolbox

3rd Edition free and available online

Field trials of interventions against disease in low and middle income countries (LMICs) may be complex and expensive undertakings. The 3rd edition of “Field Trials of Health Interventions: a Toolbox” has been compiled by over 30 contributors with extensive direct ... Read more

Ethics of Ancillary Care in Research

a new, free online training course

Ethics of Ancillary Care in Research is a free, online, open access training course developed by The Global Health Network and our latest member site Bioethics, Research Ethics & Review. This short course provides an overview of ancillary care in ... Read more

Call for applications - TDR international post graduate trainings

Seven universities selected to host international postgraduate training scheme

Seven universities from low- and middle-income countries have been selected to host the TDR international postgraduate training scheme in implementation research to improve health. There are 3 universities in Africa, 2 in Asia, and 1 each in Latin America and ... Read more

Malaria in Pregnancy Library

comprehensive bibliographic database of literature about malaria in pregnancy

A regularly updated, comprehensive database of published & unpublished literature relating to malaria in pregnancy, including a trial registry. The MiP library is a product of the Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium and is available free of charge. Read more

New, Free Maternal Infections Online Training Course

Maternal Infections is a free, online, open access training course developed by the Nuffield Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the University of Oxford, Harvard Maternal Health Taskforce, The Global Health Network and the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and ... Read more


Global Dengue Research Group: Dengue Vaccine Area

Dengue vaccine research

The WHO has updated its summary of dengue vaccin research This is in response to a new study published in the NEJM. Attached ...