Global Research in Autism and Neurodevelopment

Stigma of neurodevelopmental disorders in LMICs - new research

by GRAND Coordinator

  A study published this week has investigated the perspectives of caregivers of children with developmental disorders, including autism, in Ethiopia. Most caregivers reported experiencing stigma with over 45% feeling ashamed ...


Africa Research Excellence Fund (AREF) - Second Call

Deadline for receipt of applications is 6 July 2016

The aim of the AREF Research Development Fellowships program is to enable talented African postdoctoral researchers to develop their own research ideas, advanced skills, collaborations, mentorship and funding proposals through a well-planned placement of 3-to-9-months in a leading research organisation ... Read more

Zika virus and head circumference

Newborn head circumference online tool

In response to the recent news about the Zika virus, we draw your attention to the International INTERGROWTH-21st Standards for Head Circumference of newborns. Read more

Zika virus infection website

Continuously updated with information and resources

The aim of this website is to provide a platform for sharing and developing research priorities, protocols and data capture systems alongside the latest epidemiological and clinical management information about Zika infection. Also in Espanol and Portugues. Read more

Ask the expert: Sponsorship in non-commercial clinical trials

definitions, challenges and the role of Good Clinical Practices guidelines

Exciting News! We are very lucky to have expert Raffaella Ravinetto (Clinical Sciences Department, Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp) ready to answer your questions about the issue of sponsorship in non-commercial trials. Raffaella is ready and waiting to answer your ... Read more



Global Health Laboratories Group: Introduce yourself

Hello and welcome!

Please let other members of Global Health Laboratories know a little bit about yourself, like where you are and what your work is. Thank you!

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