Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases

New Website Launched

The Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases provides a practical and visual overview of the current distribution and determinants of major infectious diseases of humans. The Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases has launched a new website that is complementary to the ... Read more

Essential Elements of Ethics

A new free and certified e-learning course

Adapted from the Ethics Tool Kit designed by the Multi Regional Clinical Trial Center at Harvard University this course provides guidance and suggestions on key ethical questions for clinical researchers as they write study protocols and ethics committees as they ... Read more

Ebola: Information you should know

News and facts by the Gates Foundation

The Gates Foundation collected useful news and facts on Ebola from around the web. Many videos and interactive contents, have look for more background information on the virus and the on-going outbreak. Read more

Announcing the all new Global Health Training Centre

The Global Health Network is pleased to announce the launch of its new research tool, the Global Health Training Centre! The Training Centre brings together a wealth of research training materials, resources, e-seminars, e-Learning courses, discussion forums, training opportunities and ... Read more

What trials are ongoing in Ebola?

- a summary of global research efforts

Here we provide a summary of research that is ongoing in ebola, including vaccine trials and therapeutic candidate drugs. Please feel free to share your own experiences and comments. Read more

Launch of the Global Health Research Process Map

New to the network - exciting new digital toolkit

8th July 2014 saw the launch of the Global Health Research Process Map, the first digital toolkit designed to enable researchers anywhere in the world to conduct rigorous global health research. It’s an open-access and internationally-available online resource that guides ... Read more



Global Mother Child Research


by Lambert et al

Rubella remains an important pathogen worldwide, with roughly 100 000 cases of congenital rubella syndrome estimated to occur every year. This seminar present results regarding rubella control, elimination, and eradication ...