Free High quality medical education videos

Lecturio provide the world’s best online medical courses for students, doctors and clinical staff. The availability of high quality medical education taught by experienced instructors is crucial for medical capacity building and health system strengthening. Read more

New - Global Competency Framework for Clinical Research

Access the new TDR framework here

The TDR Global Competency Framework for Clinical Research is a flexible framework which lists all the competencies that should be demonstrated by a research team to carry out a successful clinical study. The Special Programme for Research and Training in ... Read more

Standardized Research Protocols for Zika

CONSISE and Zika

CONSISE and the Institut Pasteur were asked to draft six standardized research protocols for Zika. Our expertise in rapidly drafting such technical documents, summoning and incorporating technical input have allowed us to support efforts to harmonize epidemiologic and clinical research ... Read more

Zika virus and head circumference

Newborn head circumference online tool

In response to the recent news about the Zika virus, we draw your attention to the International INTERGROWTH-21st Standards for Head Circumference of newborns. Read more


Global Pharmacovigilance

My pharmacovigilance PhD journey

by Paul Cross

How the topic was conceived I started working in clinical research in the UK in 2004, directly after finishing my BSc in Applied Biology. After several years of work I ...


Global Health Laboratories Group: Introduce yourself

Hello and welcome!

Please let other members of Global Health Laboratories know a little bit about yourself, like where you are and what your work is. Thank you!

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